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More than 1,800 municipalities depend on American Legal Publishing. Our case studies show why!
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The 2015 Edition of the Ohio Basic Code is now available! Order yours today!

Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised 11th Edition is now available! Order yours today!

Who We Are

American Legal Publishing provides a wide range of services to municipalities and organizations of all sizes, including ordinance codification and supplementation, CD-ROM publishing, Internet hosting, document imaging and much more!

Since 1934, more than 2,000 municipalities have depended on American Legal Publishing to publish, supplement, and distribute their codes of ordinances. Our reputation for high quality, our professional staff of attorneys, our experienced editors, and our friendly customer service have made us a leader in local government publishing.

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Find out how we helped….

….Dallas, TX create a nationwide Subscriber Service program to maintain and distribute their code of ordinances. [Full Story]

….State Leagues provide affordable, professionally-produced codes of ordinances for the smaller municipalities in their states. [Full Story]