Dallas City Code


City of Dallas, Oregon
Codified by League of Oregon Cities
Salem, Oregon
April 1989
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   This volume contains the code and the charter of the city of Dallas.  This is the first codification of the general ordinances of the city.  The Dallas City Code was enacted as Ordinance No. 1421 and was effective at 12:01 a.m. on April 18, 1989.  The general ordinances of the city were repealed and the substantive provisions of those ordinances were consolidated in the new code.
   Preparation of the code involved several steps.  All city ordinances were reviewed and classified as either general or special.  Regulatory ordinances and ordinances of continuing application that relate to city organization and procedures were classified as general ordinances.  Ordinances relating to specific actions, such as tax levies, bond issues, franchises, contracts, streets and public improve ments, were classified as special and are on file in the office of the city manager.  A list of special ordinances is included in the code book.
   Each general ordinance was examined to determine its validity in light of current state legislation and court decisions, and to determine whether any of its provisions were obsolete.  The valid and applicable provisions of existing general ordinances were codified as sections, and the sections were arranged according to subject matter into chapters.  Each chapter and section was numbered using a decimal system that allows for supplementation and expansion.  Many provisions were edited or rewritten to improve their readability.  Other sections were changed in substance, and these changes were adopted by the council.
   Each chapter was reviewed and edited, and changes were made to improve procedures and bring existing provisions up to date.  The city attorney and the council reviewed the chapters and their suggestions were incorporated before adoption of the code.
   This code is the product of the joint efforts of the League of Oregon Cities and the city.  For the city, Mark Irick, City Attorney, was responsible for the review and approval of proposed provisions of the new code.  On the League staff, Sandra Arp, Senior Staff Associate, reviewed and reorganized the ordinances and drafted and edited the new provisions.  Sandra Deal, Staff Associate, consolidated the ordinances into code form, prepared the index and tables, and supervised production and publication of the code.
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