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American Legal Publishing Corporation began as the codification division of the Anderson Publishing Company of Cincinnati in 1934, and became a separate corporation in 1979.

We have more than 71 years of experience codifying ordinances for over 1,800 municipalities and counties nationwide, ranging from villages with fewer than 500 people to large cities with populations well over 1,000,000. In addition to ordinance codification, American Legal offers a full range of information management services to local governments, including:

  • Supplementation of codes.
  • Legal research and analysis of ordinances.
  • Subscriber services.
  • CD-ROM publishing of codes and ordinances, using Folio Views search and retrieval software.
  • Internet hosting of codes, meeting minutes and other information using NXT software.
  • Document imaging services, using MuniMetrix ImageFlow document imaging software and NXT Solo.
  • Comprehensive training classes for Folio Views.


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